Arain Welfare Trust International
Memorandum of Association
  1. NAME: The name of the Trust is “ARAIN WELFARE TRUST INTERNATIONAL” hereinafter referred as the trust.
  2. REGISTERED OFFICE: The registered office of the Trust shall be situated at 256/A, Street No. 9, Cavalry Ground, Lahore in the province of Punjab, or such other place as may be determined by the Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of the Trust.
  3. Objects: The objects for which the Trust is established are:-
    1. To provide facilities and financial help for the poor children of those under privileged and less fortunate families who are desirous to impart good education to their children but are financially in distress due to lack of resources.
    2. To promote, establish, run, manage and mainlain charitable institutes and other educational institutions at such place (s) as maybe determined by the Board and to provide education to the members of the society.
    3. To purchase, take on lease, exchange hire or otherwise acquire any machinery, equipment, instruments or installations to provide service in the dispensary and hospital and furtherance of objectives of social welfare and education.
    4. To seek the co-operation and assistance of professional bodies, scientific and business communities and arrange various seminars and workshops for promoting primary health awareness especially in the rural areas.
    5. To build, fund, aid, assist, set up, manage, maintain administer and run institutions for studies and research and institutors for promotion of arts and sciences or having as one or their objects the promotion of arts and sciences.
    6. To foster co-operation and co-ordination with between like-minded societies and associations.
    7. To build, found, aid, assist, setup manage, administer and run libraries, research centers, galleries, academies, public buildings and halls, parks, play grounds, places of recreation and places of use or benefit to communities and peoples.
    8. To build, found, aid, assist, set up, manage, manage, administer and run vocational training centers at such place (s) as may be determined by the1 Board and to provide vocational training to the deserving members of the society.
    9. To award, from time to lime, scholarships to outstanding students and scholars, prizes in recognition of out-standing original research work and to select and examine students and to award them diplomas, .certificates and other academic distinctions in relations to the objectives of the Trust.
    10. To encourage, promote, support' or arrange symposia, lectures, classes, demonstrations and exhibitions to advance the objectives of the Trust.
    11. To enter into agreement, contracts and arrangements with Governments, organizations, institutions bodies and individuals for the purpose of carrying out its functions and activities.
    12. To establish, undertake, superintend, administer, control, Subsidize and contribute to any provident, benevolent or charitable funds or from which may be made gifts, grants, scholarships, donations, advances and loans and to make and give gifts, grants, donations, advances, loans and to contribute or otherwise assist any charitable or benevolent institutions or undertakings or objects,
    13. To promote, organize and establish branches and offices of the Hospital, Educational Institution, Vocational Training Centre and the Trust wherever considered necessary and manage and control such -branches and offices and delegate such powers and functions to such branches and offices as may be considered necessary
    14. To engage in or carry out all social welfare like making donations, providing assistance in the marriages of deserving girls, mentally and physically disable members of the society,
    15. To engage in or carry out the activities for the welfare of the general public which include but both limited to; making arrangements for providing the drinking water to the public, undertaking the activities for .improving the sanitation conditions, and carry out any such activity for the welfare of the general public as may be considered necessary by the Board.
    16. To print, publish, issue circulate, carry out research, aid and assist in printing, publishing, carrying out research and in circulating and issuing papers, periodicals, books, publications and other similar efforts in relation to the objectives of Trust.
    17. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive the attainment of they above objects or any of them. The objects set forth in any sub-clause of this clause shall not, except where the -context so requires, be in any way limited restricted by reference to the terms of any other sub-clause(s) or the objects therein specified and the powers thereby conferred shall be deemed subsidiary or auxiliary merely to the objects mentioned in       and tenth sub-clause of this clause.
    18. To collect Zakat from the volunteers and ensure its disbursement strictly to accordance with the Sharaih Laws for the welfare of the needy and deserving.
    19. Undertake any such activity/project which helps alleviate the sufferings of humanity.
    20. A separate Bank Account will be open for the deposit of Zakat and operated by Chairman, General Secretary and Finance Secretary.
    21. To provide medical facilities to poor patients by setting up dispensaries, Maternity homes and Hospitals for general public and work for the achievement of better patient care and also to create public awareness on the health threatening issues, prevention and treatment.
    22. To take steps for the betterment of the society, to improve the sanitary condition, environmental atmosphere and provide basic health and hygiene education. Also enlighten youth about the blessing and greatness of virtue, love, affection and to live in harmony.
    23. To purchase and acquire any movable or immovable property and to construct, extend improve or alter the building and property, in the interest of trust.

Head Office:

256-A, Street #. 9, Cavalry Ground, Lahore Cantt

Cell: +92 300 8618144
Off: +92 42 36625244, +92 42 36625243
Fax: +92 42 36653144
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